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The Fed — The End of Patience — The Dove Arrives — Inflation and Trade

The Fed Eliminates Patience from Its Vocabulary The Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) yesterday removed the word “patience” from its.. Read More »

Trade War – Neither China nor the U.S. Benefit

The U.S. Economy Shows Mixed Signs The recent mix of economic results suggests that neither China nor the U.S. economies will likely emerge.. Read More »

China-the Great Digital Wall -Balkanization of the Internet -Supply Chain ABC's

Napoleon’s Warning — China the Sleeping Giant The trade war with China could not fail to bring to mind Napoleon’s often cited quote on China.. Read More »

US Potential Economic Output - MMT vs. TNSTFL

U.S. Long-Term Potential Growth — At What Rate?

With both the ebbing tax stimulus and the lagging effects of last year’s less accommodative.. Read More »

Trade Negotiation Turmoil – Opportunity?

The Trump Tweet — Two Purposes First Purpose Last Sunday President Trump threatened new tariffs on Chinese imported goods reflecting concerns.. Read More »

First Quarter GDP – Markets Smarter Than Economists

First Quarter Real GDP Increased More Than Expected The advance estimate of first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) showed real gross domestic.. Read More »

The Rebound – Now What?

Improving First Quarter GDP Outlook

The 2019 first quarter started out with dark clouds and ended with some sun breaking.. Read More »

Inflation — Fed Policy — Wage Inflation — Margin Squeeze

More Possible Changes from the Fed—Average Inflation Targeting In addition to the Fed’s pivot to more dovish policies, the Fed will also.. Read More »

What Now — the Outlook

First Quarter Economic Outlook—Reflects the Fallout from the Last Quarter The first-quarter’s economic.. Read More »

Fourth-Quarter Observations – First-Quarter Outlook – Debt Limit Renewal March First

Fourth-Quarter Real GDP Report — Slightly Better Than Expectations The fourth-quarter initial estimate of real gross-domestic-product (GDP).. Read More »