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Can Consumers and the Fed Keep the Economy Growing?

Third-Quarter GDP Report Better Than Expected – Thank the Consumer

Real gross-domestic-product (GDP) increased at an annualized rate of 1.9% for.. Read More »

Impeachment Hearings and Trade –the Outlook for a Trade Agreement and the Presidential Election

Will Impeachment Hearings Change China’s Approach to Negotiations?

Our past commentaries looked for the President to come to some level of trade.. Read More »

Survey Data and Hard Data – the Week Offered Both—Different Economic Readings

Busy Report Week — First Surveys and Then Hard Data

The first week of October started with sobering economic news in the form of surveys from.. Read More »

Potential Trump vs Clinton Impeachment — the Differences—Economic and Financial Market Implications

For investors, impeachment efforts could prove more problematic than the impeachment of President Clinton. This commentary very briefly outlines.. Read More »

German Weimar Hyperinflation Anxiety Delays Needed Fiscal Spending

The European Central Bank Tries More of the Same Monetary Tools Last Thursday (9/12/19), the European Central Bank (ECB) cut its deposit rate to.. Read More »

Pigs Help Trade Negotiations Fly Again

Goodwill Trade Gestures

The U.S. and China made recent goodwill gestures in efforts to improve the tone of trade negotiations. First, President.. Read More »

All Hail the Consumer- Potentially More Ammo for Consumer Spending

Latest Reading of 2nd Quarter GDP Shows Stronger “Details”

The latest government estimate for 2nd quarter gross-domestic-product (GDP) growth.. Read More »

Trade Whiplash – Market Whiplash

Whiplash 1—Additional Tariff Increases from China and the U.S.

On Friday, August 23rd, China’s Ministry of Finance announced it would increase.. Read More »

Inverted Yield Curve – Economic Outlook Still Trade War Dependent

U.S. 10-Year/2-Year Brief Inversion

This morning (August 14), the U.S. 10-Year/2-Year yield spread briefly inverted. Inversion means that the.. Read More »

Tariff Hike – A White House Shot at the Fed? – The end of Zero Bound in the US? – Consumers Now more than Ever Key to Economic Growth

Fed Lowers Funds Rate

July 31, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) lowered the target range for the Federal Funds (Fed Funds) rate by 25.. Read More »