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2020 — the Four Questions

2019 Positive Equity Markets – Negative Corporate Earnings

The S&P 500 has risen over 26% so far in 2019. Despite that strong performance,.. Read More »

Potential Phase I Trade Agreement — Will this Prove to Be Phase Last?

Slowing Economy and Dangers from Food Inflation Move China

In the past, Read More »

Can Consumers and the Fed Keep the Economy Growing?

Third-Quarter GDP Report Better Than Expected – Thank the Consumer

Real gross-domestic-product (GDP) increased at an annualized rate of 1.9% for.. Read More »

Impeachment Hearings and Trade –the Outlook for a Trade Agreement and the Presidential Election

Will Impeachment Hearings Change China’s Approach to Negotiations?

Our past commentaries looked for the President to come to some level of trade.. Read More »

Survey Data and Hard Data – the Week Offered Both—Different Economic Readings

Busy Report Week — First Surveys and Then Hard Data

The first week of October started with sobering economic news in the form of surveys from.. Read More »

Potential Trump vs Clinton Impeachment — the Differences—Economic and Financial Market Implications

For investors, impeachment efforts could prove more problematic than the impeachment of President Clinton. This commentary very briefly outlines.. Read More »

German Weimar Hyperinflation Anxiety Delays Needed Fiscal Spending

The European Central Bank Tries More of the Same Monetary Tools Last Thursday (9/12/19), the European Central Bank (ECB) cut its deposit rate to.. Read More »

Pigs Help Trade Negotiations Fly Again

Goodwill Trade Gestures

The U.S. and China made recent goodwill gestures in efforts to improve the tone of trade negotiations. First, President.. Read More »

All Hail the Consumer- Potentially More Ammo for Consumer Spending

Latest Reading of 2nd Quarter GDP Shows Stronger “Details”

The latest government estimate for 2nd quarter gross-domestic-product (GDP) growth.. Read More »

Trade Whiplash – Market Whiplash

Whiplash 1—Additional Tariff Increases from China and the U.S.

On Friday, August 23rd, China’s Ministry of Finance announced it would increase.. Read More »