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Q2 2020: Turbulent Markets and the New Normal

The “New Century” — Acceleration of the Digital Economy

We label the post COVID-19 period the “New Century” to reflect acceleration of.. Read More »

Looking Beyond COVID-19 — the “New Century” — The Past is Just That — the Past — Living Without a Vaccine — the Changes

The “New Century” — the Past Will Remain the Past 

The post-COVID-19 period could be labeled the “New Century” as much.. Read More »

Looking Beyond COVID-19 — Government-Mandated Recession — Bigger Government — Bigger Companies — Big Political Change? — Opening the Economy?

Federal and State Mandated Recession

COVID-19 led to a government — Federal and state-mandated recession to mitigate the virus. This commentary.. Read More »

2020 1st Quarter Review

We hope you are well during this period of great uncertainty and stress. In such a short period over the past year, investors confronted extreme.. Read More »

Perspective — Moving Beyond COVID-19 — a Second Look

Reducing Consumer and Investor Caution — First Steps Virus Mediation

Our last commentary, Read More »

Perspective – Moving Beyond COVID-19

Perspective — Economy and Equity Market

By this time, 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 24/7 broadcasts, plus the internet, should enable.. Read More »

Coronavirus Market Update March 16, 2020

Three Key Points to Consider

We face historic healthcare and economic challenges that demand our overwhelming collective efforts to conquer this.. Read More »

Oil Price War — Many Shale Producers on Life Support— Result Oil Prices Recover — Consumers Benefit

Oil Price War — Price Support Vanishes

On top of reduced energy demand resulting from the coronavirus epidemic, further upset arose this weekend.. Read More »

Mid- March — First Direct Impact on U.S. Economy from China’s Shutdown and Coronavirus — Inflationary or Deflationary?

Normal—Lunar Holiday Shutdown for China

Each year Chinese production typically shuts down for the Lunar New Year. This year that holiday lasted.. Read More »

Coronavirus — The Known Knowns

Many observers, including ourselves, commented that the economic outcome for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) falls under the predictive.. Read More »