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Politics and Taxes – Interesting Charts and Graphs

The Presidential Election Campaign Opened This year’s State of the Union speech opened what will likely prove to be an overly long 2020.. Read More »

Populism with Chinese Characteristics and its Influence on Trade Issues and Negotiations

The Political Decisions of Just Two Men Will Play a Key Role in the Economic and Investment Outlook The American and.. Read More »

Left vs. Right Populists – Result: Greater Washington Dysfunction – Outcome: Reduced Consumer Confidence, Adding to Economic Concerns

Populism Helped Create Conditions for the Partial Government Shutdown, Adding to Economic Concerns In 2016, we saw.. Read More »

2019 Outlook

2018 – Looking back briefly The U.S. economy maintained solid growth throughout 2018, reflected in high levels of.. Read More »

Trade War – Continued Economic and Financial Market Volatility Creates Pressure to Settle – or If Not, Will Trump Run Again?

Using Tariffs to Resolve More Than Trade Issues

Our 10/17/2018 commentary, Will the Trade War between the U.S. and China Grow into Cold War.. Read More »

Will the Mid-Term Election Results Cause Trump to Change His Trade Policies? Watch the G20 Meeting in Buenos Aires for Signs of a Positive Change

Sino-American Trade War — Will the G20 Bi-Lateral Meeting Change Its Course? Pressures on the global economy and financial markets continue to.. Read More »

The Fed Put May Be Kaput

The So-Called Fed Put Since The Great Recession, investors looked to support from the Federal Open Market Committee (F.O.M.C.) during periods of.. Read More »

Key Outcome of Mid-Term Elections — Behind Us

It is Over! For investors, the most important outcome of the mid-term elections — they are over. Why? According to a recent academic study,.. Read More »

3rd Quarter GDP Observations

Third Quarter Real GDP Report—Slightly Better Than Expectations Third quarter real GDP (advance estimate) increased 3.5% compared to the prior.. Read More »

Will the Trade War Between the U.S. and China Grow Into Cold War II? What That Might Mean For Investors?

This commentary will briefly outline aggressive trade and military actions taken by the United States that will likely make resolving trade issues.. Read More »