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The Rebound – Now What?

Improving First Quarter GDP Outlook

The 2019 first quarter started out with dark clouds and ended with some sun breaking.. Read More »

Inflation — Fed Policy — Wage Inflation — Margin Squeeze

More Possible Changes from the Fed—Average Inflation Targeting In addition to the Fed’s pivot to more dovish policies, the Fed will also.. Read More »

What Now — the Outlook

First Quarter Economic Outlook—Reflects the Fallout from the Last Quarter The first-quarter’s economic.. Read More »

Fourth-Quarter Observations – First-Quarter Outlook – Debt Limit Renewal March First

Fourth-Quarter Real GDP Report — Slightly Better Than Expectations The fourth-quarter initial estimate of real gross-domestic-product (GDP).. Read More »

Politics and Taxes – Interesting Charts and Graphs

The Presidential Election Campaign Opened This year’s State of the Union speech opened what will likely prove to be an overly long 2020.. Read More »

Populism with Chinese Characteristics and its Influence on Trade Issues and Negotiations

The Political Decisions of Just Two Men Will Play a Key Role in the Economic and Investment Outlook The American and.. Read More »

Left vs. Right Populists – Result: Greater Washington Dysfunction – Outcome: Reduced Consumer Confidence, Adding to Economic Concerns

Populism Helped Create Conditions for the Partial Government Shutdown, Adding to Economic Concerns In 2016, we saw.. Read More »

2019 Outlook

2018 – Looking back briefly The U.S. economy maintained solid growth throughout 2018, reflected in high levels of.. Read More »

Trade War – Continued Economic and Financial Market Volatility Creates Pressure to Settle – or If Not, Will Trump Run Again?

Using Tariffs to Resolve More Than Trade Issues

Our 10/17/2018 commentary, Will the Trade War between the U.S. and China Grow into Cold War.. Read More »

Will the Mid-Term Election Results Cause Trump to Change His Trade Policies? Watch the G20 Meeting in Buenos Aires for Signs of a Positive Change

Sino-American Trade War — Will the G20 Bi-Lateral Meeting Change Its Course? Pressures on the global economy and financial markets continue to.. Read More »