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Trade War–the Macro–the Micro– and More than Tariffs – or How German Auto Tariffs Might Be Used As a National Security Negotiating Position

Trade War – the Tariffs It took some time for investors to finally shake off their complacency and show their discomfort with the reality of.. Read More »

Overusing Debt is Like Overusing Antibiotics - it Reduces Its Effectiveness

Most observers expect economic growth to benefit from the new fiscal stimulus programs through at least the next 18 months. With that in mind,.. Read More »

Markets and Midterm Elections - A Recent Study Gives Some Answers

Besides dealing with the title of this commentary, we also will look at several issues that concern investors.

Economic and Business.. Read More »

Is the Fed Put Kaput?

The Fed Put and A ccommodative Monetary Policy Tools For a number of years, equity investors assumed that the Fed would pull back short-term.. Read More »

The Markets - Pick Your Poison Tariffs or Tech

First Poison—Tariffs as a Tool The headlines and much commentary on higher tariffs threatened against China, in our view, glosses over the.. Read More »

China Trade and Potential Market Reactions to Congressional Testimony March 21 And 22nd – What is Section 301?

Background — China Trade U.S. imports of Chinese goods totaled about $500-600 billion last year or less than 20% of total Chinese exports. After.. Read More »

Quick Comment On this Morning's Jobs Report

The Jobs Report — Wow! The government reported a blowout jobs report this morning, which the financial markets should find supportive. The U.S... Read More »

Higher Tariffs and Higher Budget Deficits Do Not Mix

Is Canada a National Security Risk? Investors reacted negatively to next week’s likely announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum. The.. Read More »

SkyView Investment Advisors: Market Decline — Congressional Budget Buster—Guns And Butter—Great Political Mix — Not so Hot An Investment Mix

Congressional Guns and Butter Today’s market decline, in our view, reflects concerns over the discretionary spending cap increases of nearly.. Read More »

SkyView Investment Advisors: Inflation Marker Wednesday

Inflation Expectations The majority of investors cite the surprising increase in average hourly earnings as the tipping point in their concern.. Read More »