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 Dr. Harry Markowitz, Andy Melnick, and Steve Turi discuss investments.

Will the Trade War Between the U.S. and China Grow Into Cold War II? What That Might Mean For Investors?

This commentary will briefly outline aggressive trade and military actions taken by the United States that will likely make resolving trade issues.. Read More »

Technology Capital Expenditures in the Updates – Economic Momentum – How Long? – Mid-Term Elections – Can It Moderate the Trade Wars – Emerging Markets – Can the Calm Continue?

The Fed Funds Rate – Where to? The F.O.M.C. increased the Fed funds rate this week from 1.75-2.0% to 2.0-2.25%. In announcing this change, the.. Read More »

Possible Trump Impeachment Produces Different Impact than the Clinton Impeachment – Why the Difference? Why Important?

Trump vs Clinton Impeachment Whether Democrats gain control of the House in the mid-term elections will likely determine whether impeachment.. Read More »

It’s the Politics, Stupid! Trade Negotiations

It’s the Economy, Stupid

To keep Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign on message, Clinton’s lead strategist, coined the phrase “the.. Read More »

Populists Meet The Cocoon Class - Possible Economic And Investment Implications

Populism The word populism rings loud in many countries today. The overall subject obviously lends itself to a lengthy Ph.D. thesis not this.. Read More »

Trade War–the Macro–the Micro– and More than Tariffs – or How German Auto Tariffs Might Be Used As a National Security Negotiating Position

Trade War – the Tariffs It took some time for investors to finally shake off their complacency and show their discomfort with the reality of.. Read More »

Overusing Debt is Like Overusing Antibiotics - it Reduces Its Effectiveness

Most observers expect economic growth to benefit from the new fiscal stimulus programs through at least the next 18 months. With that in mind,.. Read More »

Markets and Midterm Elections - A Recent Study Gives Some Answers

Besides dealing with the title of this commentary, we also will look at several issues that concern investors.

Economic and Business.. Read More »

Is the Fed Put Kaput?

The Fed Put and A ccommodative Monetary Policy Tools For a number of years, equity investors assumed that the Fed would pull back short-term.. Read More »

The Markets - Pick Your Poison Tariffs or Tech

First Poison—Tariffs as a Tool The headlines and much commentary on higher tariffs threatened against China, in our view, glosses over the.. Read More »