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Investor Optimism – Despite "The Merry Minuet" Environment

The optimism of consumers, business owners, and investors continues at high levels despite hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, fires in.. Read More »

The Fed’s Ex-Lax Rate Strategy

More Hawkish Fed—Surprises Some

Our past commentaries suggested that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) would move with greater.. Read More »

Highlights of the Tax Reform Framework with Brief Comments

The following briefly outlines the proposed tax reforms. To do it quickly, I pasted the outline from the Congressional web page and added my.. Read More »

The Fed on Q.T.

The Federal Open Market Committee (F.O.M.C.) meets this week (Sept. 19 – 20) and will likely signal it will begin to shrink the size of the.. Read More »

Kicking the Tax Legislation Can up the Congressional Road - the President's Surprise Deal - back to the Trump Bump?

Clearing the Path for Congressional Consideration of Tax Legislation President Trump’s unexpected deal with Democratic leaders postpones the.. Read More »

Retail First Sign of the Holiday Season Activity A Positive Indicator

Container Port Volumes Give a Positive Sign for the Holiday Shopping Season

The first signs as to how this year’s important holiday.. Read More »

Sears And Amazon Clash of Titans

Sears and Amazon – Bricks and Mortar Came Later

In 1894, Richard Sears issued Sears’ first catalog—later known as “The Big.. Read More »

The “What Me Worry” Financial Markets – Nuked?

Measuring the “What Me Worry” Markets Many baby boomers will recall mad magazine and its iconic cover boy—Alfred E. Neumann. His.. Read More »

Washington Reality Impacts Investment Focus

Political Warfare and U.S. Economic Growth

For many developing countries, investors will haircut their market capitalizations to reflect.. Read More »

The Implications for Tax Reform from the Death of Obamacare Reform

Republicans Give Little Confidence for Enacting Major Legislation

The failure of the senate to pass legislation to reform Obamacare may.. Read More »

Second Quarter GDP Outlook — Declining Expectations

The bureau of economic analysis will release the advance estimate of second quarter GDP on July 28. What do the expectations for the quarter.. Read More »

Investment Views of Two Veteran Market and Economic Observers

Recently I attended a lunch with several of my colleagues that formerly worked in the Merrill Lynch global research department that I headed... Read More »

The Fed – Strong Employment Driving The Move – Inflation Not Their Worry – What Is Their Real Worry?

The Fed – What Next?

Most observers expect the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to raise the Fed Funds rate another 25 bps at its.. Read More »

Congress And The Trump Bump

Positive economic expectations for proposed tax and infrastructure legislation took a decided reversal last week. The reversal resulted from.. Read More »

Economic Tone Better Than The First Quarter GDP Headline Number Suggests

The “Advance” estimate for first-quarter Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) showed an annual growth rate of 0.7%.  More importantly, real.. Read More »

First Quarter GDP Expectations - Will It Be The Usual?

As of this date, estimates for first quarter gdp growth range from o.5% by the atlanta fed to 2.1% for the new york fed.   Economists I follow.. Read More »

Hope Is Not A Strategy – But There Is Hope

Can They Ever Compromise? Before leaving for Key West about a fortnight ago, house republican leaders were scrambling to pull in the necessary.. Read More »

The Change

The first quarter ended with investors returning to reality. since the election much enthusiasm existed that the administration and congress could.. Read More »

The End Of One Stop Shopping – The Handover

Since the end of the great recession, investors focused importantly on one key driver to the economy and financial markets—monetary policy... Read More »

Economy and Markets - Outlook for 2017

The Economy and Markets – Where We Are These comments cover varied topics including proposed personal tax reform; the economic impact of fiscal.. Read More »

The Times They Are A Changing

It would be difficult to describe 2016 as anything but unpredictable. For all of the year’s ups and downs, investors head into 2017 with more.. Read More »

The Dismal Employment Report

The Job Report Economists projected that September would show a gain of about 200,000 payroll jobs. Instead, the Bureau of Labor Statistics.. Read More »

China And The Global Market Meltdown

The Morning After – The Market Hangover These comments are being written the morning after the Dow Jones index declined over 500 points or a.. Read More »

Trump, Fiscal Policy, And the Yield Curve

Trump Fiscal Policy President Trump, working with a Republican House and Senate, should see fairly rapid progress for two major areas of his.. Read More »

What About Long-Term Interest Rates?

The President’s Council of Economic Advisers (C.E.A.) recently published a study, “Long-Term Interest Rates: A Survey,” which examined the.. Read More »